Shopping Voucher

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  • Wide range of products with different price bandwidth.
  • Double benefit – Gift Voucher along with the freedom to choose.
  • Validity of 3 months or as per specification.
  • More than 25 top brands in the redemption catalogue.
  • High level of customization – Packaging, designing and products in the catalogue.
  • Gifts viewed on the site are connected to the unique code on the voucher.
  • Helpdesk for query management and MIS support.
  • Customer details captured to help create constant connect programs.

  • User receives the voucher/ card.
  • User logs on to mychoiceofgift and registers the voucher.
  • User views the products on the website and redeems the product of his choice.
  • RewardPort ships the products to the User address.
  • Sends MIS report to the Client.

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