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Welcome to CineRewardz – movie vouchers for your customers, channel partners and employees. Who doesn’t love the movies? With reach at more than 2300 screen across 181 screens, gift the perfect entertainment reward and pamper them right.

Extensive Network

RewardPort’s CineRewardz network is the best in the business and our extensive network is spread across the nation.

Target them All

Everyone loves the movies. No matter who they are and what their age is, chances are they would love to watch a movie in the theatre.

Easy to Implement

CineRewardz is extremely easy to implement and a flexible product that can be customised to suit your needs and requirements.

Why Choose Us?

We give you a dedicated team of experienced marketeers to ensure your CineRewardz campaign is executed with seamless ease and perfection.


We give you a host of contest ideas to run with your sweepstakes contest; whether it’s a selfie, slogan or trivia contest, ensure your customers are hooked on.


There’s an extensive repeat value in this product as nobody goes to the movies only one time. There are big releases happening almost every week.


As a brand you don’t pay much to set up CineRewardz. No matter what your budget is, we can customise a CineRewardz program for you.


With CineRewardz, get customer support to execute your program and service to the last mile.


Entertainment is a relevant industry and everyone loves watching movies in the theatre.


Don’t just gift your people a random gift, but gift them an experience that they would remember and cherish.

Why CineRewardz
is the solution you need

Every Friday evening is special for your employees too as it’s their weekend off; and let them know that you value their personal time by gifting them a movie experience.
This solution is ideal for all kinds of users, be it consumers, channel partners or employees. It works across the board.
The process of redeeming CineRewardz is really easy for the end user and the end result is a fabulous experience.

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